The Purr-fect Nanny

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Regularly Scheduled Daily Walks

Each dog is safely walked in the familiarity of their own neighborhood and walks can last up to 30 minutes depending on your pets needs or limitations. 

This service is scheduled as an ongoing monthly service.

Rates includes service for up to two dogs                     30 minute                 

1 to 3 scheduled walks per week                                 $20 p/walk                 

4 to 5 scheduled walks per week                                 $18 p/walk                 

**More than 2 dogs? Add $5 for each additional dog


In Home Pet Sitting

 At your designated time, we will discretely enter your home (our cars do not display any signage that may otherwise alert your neighbors of your absence). Service includes 30 minutes of quality time engaging your pet in play time or walks, feeding them, giving them fresh clean water, administering medications, poop and litter box cleanup and a lot of one on one love. At your request we can also water your plants, bring in the mail and take out/bring in trash.

                                                 Once a day                Twice a day

Cats only                                       $22                         $20 p/visit

**Rate good for up to five cats. Add an additional $5 for each visit for homes with six or more cats

Dogs & cats                                   $25                         $22 p/visit               

**Rate good for up to two dogs. Add $5 for each additional dog

                                                               Overnight Stays $75

This option works well for pets that require more attention, maybe those that get a little lonely when you’re not home. This includes everything described in our standard Pet Sitting Service for a 12 hour period (usually from 7pm to 7am). We stay with your pet all night, through the morning, in your own home, just as you would.